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Easy integration

Integrating wipply with your website is as easy as pasting code snippet into your site, just like social sharing buttons.

You can pass any metrics or values to wipply - like the sales channel or leg name for multivariate tests.

Customer intelligence

We are gathering all information about your customers - like where they came from (referral) or which pages they saw before.

You will see all these information when customers call you and some of them even before answering the call.

Voice calls

When customers visits your page - they will be able to call you directly from web browser on a computer, a tablet or just a phone.

It's free of charge and does not require any additional plugins.

Calls can be recorded or not, it's up to you.


Built-in chat allows you to send messages or links durring calls with your customers.

Chat history is stored and displayed when the same user calls you again.


All data transmited through wipply (even the voice) is secured with bank grade encryption.

Each company account is entirely separated, even on it's own domain.

User accounts can be protected using two factor authentication mechanism, just like your bank account.

Enterprise ready

For enterprise users we provide a seamless way of deployment to your own hardware, OpenStack based private cloud, VMware or AWS.

Our virtual appliance is built on top of certified Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS.

Get started in less than a minute!

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